Poesie Veneziane

[poˈe.zi.e ve.neˈtsja.ne]

From Italian, poetic compositions that reflect the beauty of the city of Venice, or simply Venetian Poetry.

In Venice, a city where old meets new, a father-and-son team founded a shoe brand in 2012.

Poesie Veneziane is inspired by the contrasts of Venice, a place where history whispers through cobblestones, yet modern ideas float freely. In our designs we aim to capture this duality, embodying eternal elegance paired with a vibrant and contemporary spirit.

Our mission

Hailing from Veneto’s renowned Italian shoe-making district, we continue the legacy of its creative design and elevated craftsmanship. As we step onto the global stage, our mission is to offer exceptional shoes at sensible prices, democratising luxury without compromising quality, and keeping the value of 'Made in Italy' alive.

What we are made of

We work closely with skilled artisans and trusted suppliers across Italy to source only the finest materials, ensuring that every component of our shoes meets the highest standards of quality.

From luxurious leathers to durable soles and elegant accessories, we meticulously select each material to reflect our creativity and commitment to excellence. This careful selection process ensures that every pair of Poesie Veneziane shoes embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship.

Our promise

Affordable Luxury
High-quality Italian handmade shoes at fair prices

Unmatched Versatility
Perfect for any occasion, anywhere

Everyday Comfort
Designed for confident steps from morning to night

Exceptional Service
Quick and reliable customer care

Environmental impact

Recognizing the inherent challenges of sustainable fashion, we prioritize longevity in our footwear, aiming to minimize overconsumption by offering high-quality products designed to endure for years.

Moreover, through our partnership with Tree-Nation, we actively offset our carbon footprint. With every purchase, a tree is gifted, contributing to the restoration of forests worldwide and bolstering our commitment to a sustainable future.

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