È ORA DEL GIVEAWAY: Sei pronto a camminare?

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Join this unique giveaway for a chance to with $500 of our Poesie Veneziane shoes!


It’s not a simple emotionless promotion, so let us tell you the story.

It all started from our core values and missions to empower self-love and self-expression through design. We are all equal individuals made of our inner and outer matter: inside the world of the mind and emotions, outside our bodies, joints, and skins.

Our designs and work aim at empowering both. So, what is this giveaway time about?

We care so much about health and we believe in an everyday healthy lifestyle. For us, being shoe designers means indeed create beautiful objects but we also design our footwear collections to merge style and comfort into one. At Poesie Veneziane, quality is a top priority for our hand-made Italian leather shoes. We carefully select high-quality raw materials from the best producers in Italy, which means that they do not just look and feel good, but they perform in comfort: they are made to walk.


We care about the health and we are passionate about walks, it doesn’t matter if it is a hike or a daily commute that we all take to go to work, walking is healthy. For this reason, we decided to partner up with Sweatcoin. If you don’t know it, Sweatcoin is not just a step-counting app, it generates digital coins according to the number of steps you take, which you can spend on a vast range of rewards in their marketplace. Its efficacy leads to the start of a partnership NHS (UK’s National Health Service, you can read more about it here. This program is studying the fight against diabetes and obesity through walks, stimulating individuals to have a better control, awareness, and completion rate of this simple and pleasant exercise that we often deprive ourselves of.

Now it comes the fun part! We are soon gifting a $500 worth of our Poesie Veneziane shoes to one winner! The winner has total freedom of choosing any shoes on our e-shop. The drawing of the winner will be decided transparently and managed by Sweatcoin, after the end of the application period (8th May until 10th May) to ensure a random, clear, and transparent drawing.



To enter this free giveaway simply enter your email address on the banner on our home page. Do not miss out on this giveaway because we have reserved a great gift for everyone even if you do not win ❤️.

Are you ready to set outside? Never stop walking nor wandering!



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  • The drawing of the winner will be managed transparently after the end of the application period (8th May until 10th May) to ensure a random, clear, fair, and transparent drawing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.