Laeti is the Poesie Veneziane Sustainable Project started in 2018. The research began through the exploration of the huge world of conventional and sustainable materials used in fashion, with the goal of understanding their impact on our environment.



During our research we identified many potential sustainable raw materials, with the ability to replace the more "conventional” ones. Our mission, thanks to the current technological-scientific progress, led us to the creation of bio-based shoes, that combine the most advanced tenchologies offered by sustainable fashion with the best of artisanal production heritage.


Materials represent the beginning of the design journey, embodying tactile sensation, creativity and substance of new fashion products. They also account for highly significant impacts across the supply chain. Up to 95% of a products impact can be attributed to the material choice alone.


This project is the result of our great love for the environment and of the dedicatin to make a better future possible. Our philosophy is at the core of this task: eliminate the use of plastic, chimical substances, synthetic fibres and animal leather. Our mission is to get rid of environmental impact, while always respecting the production cycle's ethical aspect.